The Nexus: Legally Wired

The latest issue of The Nexus will be out for release this Friday, February 11, 2011 with a new cover that features the way law and the internet and computers have integrated in today’s times.

This is probably the first time that the publication have opened the idea about the integration of the cyber world and the legal arena, so everybody are excited to know what it is all about.

Editor-in-Chief JR Lopez Gonzales has already posted the cover page of this latest The Nexus issue in the MSU- College of Law saying , “After a couple of sleepless nights, cups of coffee, stress, tight fund, and a recurring migraine. We’ll release The Nexus before the week ends.”

Indeed the work is far from being easy especially for the full-time instructor and full time student Nexus EIC Gonzales. That’s why being able to finish this issue is one of this talented guy’s “Mission Impossible” accomplishments. Under his brilliant direction and editing, and with the help of layout artist Jed Reyes’ creative hands they were able to publish this awesome addition to The Nexus publication.

The Nexus: Legally Wired features lots of new stories related to the legal arena hot from the internet such as cyber crimes, and also includes the issues on SC plagiarism, the latest activities of the college and internet sources for the law students. It also has the interview with the Assistant Dean of the College, Atty. Alizedney Ditucalan who has been known not only for his brilliant mind but also for his “cool lawyer” fashion statement, and many more.

A lot of people are already excited to have their hands on The Nexus: Legally Wired.

For those who want to grab a copy of this issue, you will have to wait until the final release. The Nexus: Legally Wired is only available for the students of College of Law-  Iligan Extension.

If you want to know more about the latest The Nexus issue or you wanted to contact with the EIC of the said publication, you can get in touch with JR Lopez Gonzales on Facebook, Twitter, or directly through his email. Read more from JR on his blog, POLITIKALON.