Global interdependence is manifested in more areas of technology, especially in the internet. And now it is observed in strategic decisions of businesses around the world too, particularly in outsourcing. A lot of people are talking about how advantageous it is to resort to BPO offshore outsourcing services. In fact, the industry is growing at 30% with the developing countries currently leading the way. But what is it really that makes it a great decision for businessmen to outsource? In short, what makes this a good and effective strategy?

Firstly, you have the advantages of cutting down the cost of labor expenses, the time-efficiency of the BPO services, the effectiveness and quality outputs. And to sum all of that, you get an increase of profit. But all these advantages will pour into your business if you get that one major key to all of these.

It all comes down to the expert skills of the workforce of a BPO outsourcing company. All the advantages that you can get from BPO offshore outsourcing comes down to the excellent services of BPO professionals. Some developing countries who were mentioned earlier as the leaders in the BPO industry are naturally endowed with a vast pool of excellent workforce, already proficient in English whether in pen or in speech. This is especially true in India and the Philippines. Catering to the outsourced needs of foreign businesses helps boost their economy, which is why the industry is rapidly growing in these countries. The whole setup actually benefits both parties: the clients are provided with great services at lower cost, while the outsourcing market provides jobs for a huge workforce that is also continually growing each year.

This is definitely a win-win situation. Surely, despite the frustrating situation brought about by the economic recession, the world was still able to smile when IT industry made BPO offshore outsourcing possible.

UNHDR 2009

UN Human Development Report 2009