“…over a cup of coffee” is a zone where I will be able to share my ideas, contemplate on some of life’s matters, the interesting things that the world holds in its surface and the brilliant mysteries and fantastic features we have in our world and in our lives. It is something that will show interesting things that I have learned and the things I am interesting in gaining knowledge of. I also wanted to share the things I have created in some short periods of leisure time.

I have long wanted a WP blog, an online journal that I could be proud of. Well, this is a work in progress (just like my life is;D), so anything that’s in here isn’t perfect. I’ll continue to work on it as I learn more interesting things and I want to share these with you, over a cup of coffee.

life quote

Please bear with the inconveniences. My life is under construction, just like everybody else's life is.

I edited some anime stills I have and came up with something like this. This is from a Lupin III movie by the way. I am fond of doing these kinds of things and I really like the results. I used Paint for everything I do since I don’t know enough to do things in Photoshop just yet. More of these on my Tumblr account and you can see the link to my account on the left side of the board on the picture. It’s been a long time since I did this one and my Tumblr account is filled with quotations I got from my phone (they’re pretty religious quotes and even though I am not a really righteous individual, I feel very inspired with some of the quotes which is why I posted them. Anyway, if you are interested, you can visit my Tumblr account and follow me up. That would really be appreciated. 😀