I don’t know if you can call them designs or just pictures. The thing is, I just did them out of boredom. There are times last year when I got so stressed out that the only way for me to lessen the stress is to let my imagination roam free and create something random. Well, in the end I just created something either for the MKP or a logo or graphic design of my name. Ahh, the limitations of not being able to use Photoshop…

This one below is something I did using the combination of Paint, Picnik and Picasa. Looks like a cover page of a serious history book, right? 😛

Mu Kappa Phi

Noble House of the Mu Kappa Phi National Exclusive Law Fraternity and Sorority


The following graphics were supposed to be the designs for our acceptance rites t-shirt last year. I spent a lot of time and effort on it. It’s a shame we weren’t able to use it though.

This one is for the back of the shirt.

Fortiores in Fide
Fortiores in Fide is a Latin phrase which means Stronger in Faith.

This one right her is for the front section.

I am a Mu Kappan
I am a Mu Kappan, in heart in soul, and in deed.

And this should be found on the left sleeve of the shirt.

Mommy Jehan's tshirt sleeve

On Mommy Jehan's tshirt sleeve.

And here’s the one I did for the MKP twitter layout. I haven’t really gotten around creating the MKP twitter account tough, and no one asked me too, but I was so stressed about my daily routine during that time I just had to do something else.

MKP twitter

MKP twitter background layout

They’re not really perfect, but I am fairly satisfied with them. I might have done them a little better though. Maybe I could do something more fancy next time.  I haven’t shown some of these creation to other Mu Kappans in the local chapter, so I don’t know what they would think about these graphic designs.

Share your comments and feedbacks on these creations.