Mettre de l'eau dans son vin.

Water down your wine.

The title is a French phrase which means ¨to water down one´s vine¨. It may literally be interpreted, as in the past it has been a custom to tone down one´s wine or to try to make it less alcoholic by adding water to it. But now it figuratively means ¨to be more modest in some of your actions¨.

This is a phrase I have read from my horoscope for this day. I´m not really one to believe in horoscopes, I only read them for fun. But once in a while, I get wise advice like this one and I feel like it would be wise to heed such advice.

Furthermore, it does not mean that I heeded to this advice because I believe in horoscopes. It´s just that it would be a waste not to heed such a great advice when it´s staring at you in the face just because it came from the horoscope. That would even be more stupid than believing in such things.

The advice is in French and what´s more, it is an idiomatic expression. But it all means just one point. Attitude adjustment, Maybe I have gone to far with my most eccentric acts.It seems that it´s time for an attitude check.

If I´m going to do that and make some changes with myself, I have to start now.