yankee-kun to megane-chan

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

As promised, I´m doing a weekly post that will be all about manga, may it be my favorite manga, those which I am reading for the week, those which have caught my interest, and anything else about manga.

For this week it would be about Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. Actually I got interested with the manga first while I was looking for some videos in the Mysoju.com.

I was watching a Detective Conan video on the Dailymotions site (movies and videos on Mysoju.com are not hosted by that site, so when you want to watch a video, you´ll probably get redirected to another video hosting site like Youtube or Dailymotions) when I noticed a video on Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. I thought that since the video is Japanese, it might be based on some manga (which are usually the case). I was never really sure about that, but I tried searching for it on Mangapark.com, and (of course) I found it there. I was just curious as to how the story goes so I began reading the first chapter. It has a really cute and curious ending, so what was intended as a short check on the manga story became a huge interest on the manga´s projection.

The drawing is not really that good for the first few chapters (or maybe it was the scanlation), but the story is so funny and interesting that once I started reading I couldn’t make myself stop.

The story goes like this: Shinagawa Daichi is a well-known Yankee (in Japan it means a delinquent, not a New Yorker) in the campus, and he has been pestered continuously by the Megane (one who wear´s glasses) classroom representative Adachi Hana to come with the whole class to a Social Studies field trip. Some trouble came up and it was revealed that Adachi was a former delinquent who is rather famous as a formidable fighter. That´s the center of the whole story for the first chapter and the start of fun and enjoyable lives of these two as high school students.

Hikaru Akita of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

Hikaru Akita

After some time they get to meet other classmates and schoolmates who became their friends, some of them who also have very curious (fighting) personalities. One of them was Akita, the former president of the school’s student body. On the surface he was a very gentle-mannered person who wants to settle things in a peaceful way. But when he hears the words “You’re a girl” or something like that, he switches into his “Yankee” mode and he would fight anyone who gets in the way.

Written by Yoshikawa Miki, the manga is also known popularly in it´s English title Flunk Punk Rumble. This particular manga has the most diverse collection of personalities that make school life not just wildly fun, but at most times also downright hilarious. And I can´t seem to stop reading it until I get to the last chapter available.

If you want to read it to, here´s the link to Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. Enjoy!