Jackie Chan Little Man

"It is marvelous to be a little man".

You could say we are trapped in a prison with the TV and/or computer as our warden. We see people suffering and exclaim ” The people/groups/government/voluntary organizations should do something.” And the act stops there. Before long, we tend to forget all about it so that we don’t have to do something. After all, we always say, “we can’t do anything. We are just the common people.”

However, we should remember that in the past, others have acted for what they believe should be done, even if they belong to no organization. If they succeeded, we call them patriots, or heroes. If they lose, they generally become the villains, or rebels. And anyone has to be in an organization to act, and everybody expects that organization to do the job.

But have we forgotten how these organizations started? No tree grows from nothing, each group or organization started from a seed, an idea, or an advocacy raised by a single person, and then agreed upon by the others, the people who choose to act in accordance to what they are supporting for.

Today, no one is thinking of raising an idea openly because of the risk of being ridiculed. Instead, all of us is resorting to exclaiming to ourselves, or writing down our grumbles in this far off places where “Big Brother” cannot put us to detention or something like that. (I am referring to the Orwellian Big Brother here guys, not any reality games). The question used to be “what should be done?”. Now the question that everyone seems to ask is “Who should do it?” and if nothing is done, then all of us wants to find someone or something who we could point our fingers to.

They say age of technology brings with it apathy. Should we sought for who to blame? Or shall we start asking ourselves what we should do instead, else we remain like this forever?

***I already forgot what triggered me into writing this short article a few years ago. I think I published it on one of the bogs I deleted already so that means it’s already an unpublished material, until now, that is. I uncovered this from one of my file collections while trying to get some ideas on what to write about for today, and I though it would be nice to share such ideas with everyone over a cup of coffee.

So what do you think?