Over a cup of coffee, I will confess my untreatable addiction.

I am a self-confessed manga addict. I enjoy reading manga to the point of distraction. Honestly, the Christmas gift I wished for last year was a whole month of no interruptions while I immerse myself in the manga haven of MangaPark.com and Animea.net, and many other manga sites). I’ve laughed at funny (and not so funny) mangas and cried at tear-jerking pages. I’ve read manga, manhwa and manhua (japanese, korean and chinese, if I’m not mistaken), all english translated scanlations of course. It started about six years ago with my fascination (and hopeless obsession) of Shinichi Kudo, a.k.a. Conan Edogawa of the anime series Detective Conan. I can’t get enough of the anime program shown on TV, so I tried searching for it on the web. I found out that I can read the comics version of it, which is called the manga.

So I tried it out, and with my total obsession with Detective Conan plus my preference towards reading, a new hobby was started. I began spending my free times on the net, checking out for new updates. I also read other interesting mangas which was added to the increasing collection of mangas I am following. I began to dream of a world where the coolest statements from my favorite (and even the not-so-favorite) characters became my life’s ideals.

I began crushing on manga characters (before that, I was already crushing on anime characters). I had crushes on the leading guys, and sometimes I liked the bad guys even more than the good guys. Shoujo mangas became my ideal love stories and shounen mangas my perfect action-filled, excitement-driven life stories. I imagine myself as the protagonist at most times, and I also imagined myself the antagonist once in a while. Mangas taught me a lot of things about excitement and tranquility, about passion and adventure, life and love.

Yes, I am an addict. But I pride myself of being able to curve my addiction for manga. I wanted to live an ideal life. I wanna appreciate life just like the leading girl in the manga and I dreamt of actually living in a manga world. But I’m realistic enough to know that it won’t happen ever. Still, I appreciate the lessons in life that the manga can offer me, and I love the fun and enjoyment I feel when reading them.

My life is not a manga, that I know, but reading them makes me happy. I am even more happy when I get to share this interest with the others. It may be an addiction, but I don’t think it will suffocate me. Reading manga is just one of my greatest happiness.