I was very happy with my recent creations that I wanted to create more. But since I barely had the time today, I thought of some other alternative. And poof! A light bulb in my head as I was sipping a cup of coffee. I thought, why don’t I get the stuffs I made in the past and post them here? That would be perfect!

So here I am, rummaging my laptop’s pictures library for some nice pictures to post. I found some really nice ones, such as these stuffs I made more than a few months ago.

Simply Beautiful

I take no credits to the background image. If you put on great efforts on reading the comment below (it was written in font 6 or 7, if I remember correctly), you would notice that it was not my own photo. I just made a few alterations to it, then added the text. I initially considered using the photo taken by my fraternity brother Atty. Alizedney Ditucalan (with credits, of course), but I had a hard time finding it amongst the many photo albums he had (and what great photos he took!  It was a pity that I couldn’t use his photo for this) so I ended up using this one. I remember dedicating this to a great friend when I made this and posted it on my Tumblr account. I had more from that account, because I wasn’t really fond of posting things like this on my blogger site.

Here’s another one I created more recently. More like edited, since I just took the Google header and did a few simple tricks using Paint (oh, how I wish I am an expert in using Photoshop, Paint is a PAIN with a T in the end!).

It’s really not that good, but the next one’s a little better than this one above.

And here’s the black version of it.

I just love how I could create cute little Google pictures like these. As you can observe, I used the brown Google picture and posted it above the search box for this site. I just thought brown would be a good choice considering that I used a dark wood theme for the site. Plus, I like how the cup of coffee is served beside Google.

Anyway, my next post would probably still be some pictures I had found while I was rummaging the “attic” of my laptop libraries. You could say this is just part 1 of the saga. 😉