It’s the start of the new year! Well, as it always is every beginning of the year. Making up some new year’s resolutions is an annual routine that never gets old, but this year I started off with making some kind of a royal coat of arms with a GS on it for “GlenSelanroj” and a picture with my name that says “Let the raging powers be unleashed”. I’m planning to post it on my Tumblr account, but before that, I wanted to show it off here on this site. I really am very proud of these stuffs since I can only create with Paint and that’s supposed to be harder than Photoshop, as they often say. So here are the pictures, and I hope you like it!

It looks really cool, doesn't it? 😉

On the picture above, I got the red flares and yellow streaks on the background from a gaming forum site, and then I used them on a black background. My cousin said it looks really cool, and i totally agree with her. I do hope I could create something cooler, something fitted for a card as small as a credit or atm card. It would be totally awesome if we could personalize our cards, wouldn’t it?

As for the picture below, I edited the coat of arms of the main character of a manga I was reading and made something that I could use for myself. I’m thinking of using it as my main profile picture in all my online accounts, but I also wanted to use the other one. So confusing. It really makes me feel very regal. Coat of arms are so elegant and fascinating. 🙂


coat of arms

I feel like a female version of a knight with this coat of arms. So regal.



So, what do you think? Are they worth a cup of coffee?