I’m usually happy with the Yuletide season (ah! It’s the perfect time to be lazy and lay around like you don’t need to do anything. Very relaxing…) but I do have some issues with it. Well, before you stand up to debate on this matter, you might as well read on and hear me out first. It’s not going to be a very long discussion over a cup of coffee, it’s just a kid grumbling over a spilled chocolate ice cream.

The long break brought by the holidays usually become either be such a boring vacation that I feel like I could sleep through the celebrations (believe me, at some times I really wanted to do that),  or all the excitement would wear me off that I won’t want to go out of my room anymore. Gah! We have all those kids in the neighbourhood running around like crazy! And every household seem to have set up a karaoke system in their houses which is really irritatingly loud enough without the moaning and groaning they do that they would pass off as singing. Plus the loud bangs of the firecrackers which kids play around all the time which really freaks me out and interrupt the rests of sleep-deprived individuals like me.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m no Grinch. I would just like to have a Christmas and New Year celebrations that doesn’t include any frustrating and annoying matters like this. I really don’t give a damn about seeing some amazing fireworks or not, or the usual singing of Christmas carols, or decorating and lighting up a big Christmas tree. A lot of people have already said things like “Giving is the true spirit of Christmas” and all that stuff, but I don’t even care about giving and receiving gifts.

For someone like me who rarely gets home, Christmas is about spending time with my family, being happy together, laughing about the stupidest and most corny jokes any one of us could come up with as we eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner, playing on the computer with mom or dad, or my brothers and sister cheering up on me (or me doing the cheering while they play), or even just watching some poorly dubbed movie on a TV channel that’s been filled with lots of advertisements. Simply gathering around, asking questions about how life is going for everyone, and feeling the familial concern and love in their sincere statements is what I wanted most.

So simple and uncomplicated, but it is a rare treat to most people. A lot of people would have wanted the same, but many of us would still prefer something tangible as their Christmas wish. If Santa was true, he might find it hard to grant my wish, don’t you think?

The Yuletide season has just passed, but just add this senseless grumbles of mine to the many statements that has been said about every Christmas time.

Oh, and by the way… HAPPY NEW YEAR!