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T-Shirt Design Proposals

One afternoon I was asked by one fraternity brother to create tshirt designs to be presented for for the meeting later that night, and I was like “I only have 30 minutes to do this. Should I do it?” Knowing that I have no choice but to heed to the request, I summoned all my special powers and here are the t-shirt designs that I was able to do in less than 30 minutes (using some software I found on the net, and MS Paint).


MKP white shirt design

MKP white shirt design



MKP Blue shirt design

MKP Blue shirt design



MKP Grey Shirt design

MKP Grey Shirt design


So, how about it? What do you think? I was really pleased that there are a lot of people who liked the grey shirt design. I know they are too simple. Actually that’s what I wanted to achieve when thinking of designs that I should do for MKP. I have some other designs I did last year that I didn’t dare to show to anyone yet (I posted in on my Friendster account when I was still using it. hehe) because they are so unbelievably amateur, but these designs here are also amateur so I guess it’s alright. I’ll post it someday when I feel like showing it to everybody. 🙂

I was now thinking, why don’t I put up some t-shirt printing business? Maybe one of these days, because I just found a really exciting software that will help me design shirts. I was thinking of purchasing the software, and then spread the word when I finally straighten out things regarding such venture.

Also, on my next post I’ll show you the t-shirt design creations by a very talented and respected lawyer in the society, one of my fraternity brothers that I really look up to. You’ll be surprised what hidden talent he has in designing shirts. (he is way better than an amateur like me, that’s a fact.)

Until next post!


Mu Kappa Phi Designs I’ve Done Last Year

I don’t know if you can call them designs or just pictures. The thing is, I just did them out of boredom. There are times last year when I got so stressed out that the only way for me to lessen the stress is to let my imagination roam free and create something random. Well, in the end I just created something either for the MKP or a logo or graphic design of my name. Ahh, the limitations of not being able to use Photoshop…

This one below is something I did using the combination of Paint, Picnik and Picasa. Looks like a cover page of a serious history book, right? 😛

Mu Kappa Phi

Noble House of the Mu Kappa Phi National Exclusive Law Fraternity and Sorority


The following graphics were supposed to be the designs for our acceptance rites t-shirt last year. I spent a lot of time and effort on it. It’s a shame we weren’t able to use it though.

This one is for the back of the shirt.

Fortiores in Fide
Fortiores in Fide is a Latin phrase which means Stronger in Faith.

This one right her is for the front section.

I am a Mu Kappan
I am a Mu Kappan, in heart in soul, and in deed.

And this should be found on the left sleeve of the shirt.

Mommy Jehan's tshirt sleeve

On Mommy Jehan's tshirt sleeve.

And here’s the one I did for the MKP twitter layout. I haven’t really gotten around creating the MKP twitter account tough, and no one asked me too, but I was so stressed about my daily routine during that time I just had to do something else.

MKP twitter

MKP twitter background layout

They’re not really perfect, but I am fairly satisfied with them. I might have done them a little better though. Maybe I could do something more fancy next time.  I haven’t shown some of these creation to other Mu Kappans in the local chapter, so I don’t know what they would think about these graphic designs.

Share your comments and feedbacks on these creations.

Mettre de l’eau dans son vin

Mettre de l'eau dans son vin.

Water down your wine.

The title is a French phrase which means ¨to water down one´s vine¨. It may literally be interpreted, as in the past it has been a custom to tone down one´s wine or to try to make it less alcoholic by adding water to it. But now it figuratively means ¨to be more modest in some of your actions¨.

This is a phrase I have read from my horoscope for this day. I´m not really one to believe in horoscopes, I only read them for fun. But once in a while, I get wise advice like this one and I feel like it would be wise to heed such advice.

Furthermore, it does not mean that I heeded to this advice because I believe in horoscopes. It´s just that it would be a waste not to heed such a great advice when it´s staring at you in the face just because it came from the horoscope. That would even be more stupid than believing in such things.

The advice is in French and what´s more, it is an idiomatic expression. But it all means just one point. Attitude adjustment, Maybe I have gone to far with my most eccentric acts.It seems that it´s time for an attitude check.

If I´m going to do that and make some changes with myself, I have to start now.

All About Manga: Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

yankee-kun to megane-chan

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

As promised, I´m doing a weekly post that will be all about manga, may it be my favorite manga, those which I am reading for the week, those which have caught my interest, and anything else about manga.

For this week it would be about Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. Actually I got interested with the manga first while I was looking for some videos in the

I was watching a Detective Conan video on the Dailymotions site (movies and videos on are not hosted by that site, so when you want to watch a video, you´ll probably get redirected to another video hosting site like Youtube or Dailymotions) when I noticed a video on Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. I thought that since the video is Japanese, it might be based on some manga (which are usually the case). I was never really sure about that, but I tried searching for it on, and (of course) I found it there. I was just curious as to how the story goes so I began reading the first chapter. It has a really cute and curious ending, so what was intended as a short check on the manga story became a huge interest on the manga´s projection.

The drawing is not really that good for the first few chapters (or maybe it was the scanlation), but the story is so funny and interesting that once I started reading I couldn’t make myself stop.

The story goes like this: Shinagawa Daichi is a well-known Yankee (in Japan it means a delinquent, not a New Yorker) in the campus, and he has been pestered continuously by the Megane (one who wear´s glasses) classroom representative Adachi Hana to come with the whole class to a Social Studies field trip. Some trouble came up and it was revealed that Adachi was a former delinquent who is rather famous as a formidable fighter. That´s the center of the whole story for the first chapter and the start of fun and enjoyable lives of these two as high school students.

Hikaru Akita of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

Hikaru Akita

After some time they get to meet other classmates and schoolmates who became their friends, some of them who also have very curious (fighting) personalities. One of them was Akita, the former president of the school’s student body. On the surface he was a very gentle-mannered person who wants to settle things in a peaceful way. But when he hears the words “You’re a girl” or something like that, he switches into his “Yankee” mode and he would fight anyone who gets in the way.

Written by Yoshikawa Miki, the manga is also known popularly in it´s English title Flunk Punk Rumble. This particular manga has the most diverse collection of personalities that make school life not just wildly fun, but at most times also downright hilarious. And I can´t seem to stop reading it until I get to the last chapter available.

If you want to read it to, here´s the link to Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. Enjoy!

How to Use Twitter Apps to Produce Earthshaking Results in Your Business!

twitter for business

Tweets for your Biz.

Just like Facebook, Twitter has become a site that everybody in the virtual market is exploiting to get their businesses known to the online world. If you don’t know that fact, then you must be a newbie in the world of internet marketing. And especially for you, here are a few basic tips to get you started on using twitter and twitter apps for your business’ advantage.

Create a Twitter account for your business. Be as professional and personal with your twitter profile. In short, be credible and human. Also, you have to use your company logo as your profile picture so that other people will get to know your business through your tweets.

Tweet about your business and things that are related to your business. This is when you can start promoting about what you are selling and what you are offering, and you can also tweet the links to your website. But make sure that you don’t tweet links of your site alone. You can tweet about some things that’s not really that relevant to your business, but are also very interesting to be more human on your Twitter profile.

Download and install Twitter apps that are very useful in promoting your Twitter account and your business. You might want to search for and use apps that can let you schedule your tweets, or those which can let you track the tweets that mention your business or stuffs that are related to it.

And finally, be creative in using Twitter and Twitter apps in promoting your business. You have to get a lot of followers that will follow your tweets. There’s no strict rules to using Twitter, so just be innovative.

With these simple tips, it would be fairly easy to get started.

Good luck!

Sungha Jung- A Real Asian Talent

Sungha Jung

A very promising Asian young talent.

I’ve watched Sungha Jung‘s earlier videos and he really amazed me with his guitar talent. It seems that he can already make the guitar “sing” under his young but very capable hands. He was just a child that time. And now, He grew up so fast, and he is growing to be a really fine and handsome guy. I’ve watched a video of him playing Bruno Mars’ song, it seems that it was his own acoustic rendition of the song, and I have to say, it was even better than the original. Or maybe that’s just my opinion because I generally like acoustics better than anything else. 😛

Well, here’s the video I’m talking about, I’m one of his subscribers now (I even “dared” to add him up as a friend when I visited his channel. Shucks! hehe).

If you can’t watch the video from here, you can watch more from Sungha Jung on his Youtube channel. He looks like he is very comfortable while playing the song, and the guitar seems to sing under the strum of his fingers. He’s a natural. Now, if only he could compose his own great songs, then I’d say Mozart has got a competition in this generation.

I actually don’t know much about this kid yet (I would love a chance to know more about him, and I would love to write more about him…Well, I’d welcome an opportunity of an interview with him even if it’s just online. Maybe someday soon! :D) But one thing is for sure. This little guy is on his way to becoming an idol, not just in Korea, but in all of Asia too. And I’m sure a lot of people will be anticipating for that. He’s got more than 18, 000 viewers of his latest video already, and it was uploaded 21 hours ago.

And if you are not convinced yet, just watch him play Yiruma’s “River Flows in You”. It was so amazing that I got goosebumps.

Well, see yah later… I’m watching one of Sungha Jung‘s videos right now. 🙂

So It’s Friday!

More like “Fly-day”… 🙂

I was just thinking the other day that I’ll make every Friday as an “All About Manga” day where I would post anything about manga, but right now I just don’t have the time. In fact, now that I think about it, doing it every Friday isn’t really conventional. I have a lot of things to do every Friday, so I don’t think I can fit something like writing about some manga stuffs during this day. I wanted to write a lot, so I wanted to assign a day when I could have more time to write about it. So I decided that I’m gonna do it every Saturday. 🙂

Friday posts would be like wrap-ups of the things that have been going on for the whole week.

Well, nothing much has been happening this week, except that I had started posting on this site. Maybe next week will be more exciting. Keeping the faith alive!

I have lost of things I wanna write about, so prepare for next week’s deluge of posts.


Gotta go! 🙂

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